Medicorps' activities are centered mostly on health education. We believe that increased knowledge and awareness is beneficial for both visitors and hosts alike, especially so if personal bonds of friendship and respect develop.

The consultation program enforces these ties on an easy-to-use Internet based platform where health-care providers can post difficult cases and work on solutions with the help of expert volunteers.

A very special educational program is our school for indigent village children close to Battambang introducing the students to important topics of public health and basic medicine, starting as young as 6 years old.

Beyond the educational activities we devote some effort to assist needy individuals with overwhelming medical problems. We just cannot close our eyes to personal suffering when we can come up with a way to restore such individuals to health and function again.

Public Information and Education, in print, speech, images and publications of all types plays an integral part in raising awareness of the problems and promises distant neighbors can discuss across formerly forbidding divides.

Disaster management and humanitarian assistance (DM/HA) has always been one of our focal points, be it natural disasters, health emergencies in large populations or man-made disasters such as civil unrest or insurgencies. Check our DM/HA page for more details!