Any danger to visitors and volunteers?

After the last parliamentary election the political landscape in Cambodia changed with the unexpected strong showing of the Cambodian National Rescue Party under the leadership of Sam Rainsy and Keum Sokha. The refusal of the incumbent CPP (Cambodian Peoples' Party) under Hun Sen lead to massive demonstrations and protests in the capital Phnom Penh claiming election fraud. These demonstration lead to, at times violent, counter-reaction by the government, but no visitors were harmed. Late July the political scene calmed much further with the inclusion of CNRP into the parliament.

Labor unrest in the garment industry has cooled down as well under hopes that the coalition government will be more amenable to demands for better wages and working conditions.

The number of tourist is still at a very high level in all regions of the country, from Sihanoukville to Angkor Wat.  There is no feeling of danger or inconvenience among the foreigners. Even neighboring Thailand has calmed down significantly under the new military government.

We, at Medicorps, keep a keen eye out for possible threats to the security of our visiting students and volunteers to make the elective rotations in our program as safe and enjoyable as possible. In any case we recommend to pay attention to your country's travel advisories and to register with your embassy. We want you to have an optimal experience in this beautiful country without having to worry about any type of disturbance.






Posted by Admin Sunday, August 10, 2014 1:20:00 PM