•         Books - a great gift for children!
  •      Delegation receives warm welcome
  •         Hands-on training
  •         Outpatient clinic
  •        Challenging pathology in the ICU
  •         University of Health Sciences, Phnom Penh

Medical volunteering is a noble tradition sharing skills and knowledge freely across the globe. Medicorps has over 30 years of experience with medical volunteering. Volunteering takes on different meaning for different groups of medical professionals, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, paramedics, psychologists etc, based on their experience and skills.

  • Student medical volunteers need to focus primarily on learning
  • Active practitioners want to apply their skills and share their knowledge in challenging medical environments
  • Medical volunteers at the end of their career have the time to travel to places where they can assist from the well of their long experience and learn about medical conditions they have never seen. 

Medicorps has specific & proven programs for all groups of volunteers:

  • Student volunteers are introduced to health-care in poor countries through our workshop programs, both hospital and rural based.
  • Experienced health-care practitioners intent on volunteering may want to participate either in our delegation program or teach and gain experience in our hands-on seminar program.
  • Medical volunteers close to the end of their career have the choice to sign up for our delegation program, earn valuable CME1™ credits towards their license or give hands-on seminars in overseas locations.