•         Caring
  •       immunization
  •         Reconstruction
  • Village clinic
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Hand surgery

If you are an active practitioner with little free time we can arrange  short term teaching and training courses in Cambodian universities, such as IU and  FHS and affiliated hospitals. This gives you the opportunity to share your expertise while gaining insight into Khmer medical practices and see pathology rarely encountered in your home base. It also challenges you to function under the severe restraints of poor medical infrastructure.

You are welcome to bring your own residents and students with you to have them gain practical, hands-on experience under your and your Cambodian colleagues’ guidance.

The excursions come as packages including accommodation and logistic support at a reasonable cost. Medical English speaking companions make communication easy, while trained tour guides help you to understand the history and enchanting culture of an ancient, once magnificent, empire. Feel free to bring your family and non-professional friends along to enjoy the companion program.